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Banking and managing your money keeps getting easier and easier thanks to great new financial apps and free personal finance software. Personal finance apps help us pay our bills, keep an eye on account balances, and stay within our budgets while connecting us to all our accounts and credit cards, and more, all in one view. Everybody has a few mobile personal finance apps and apps for financial management. How could we do without them? They keep getting better and better.

With most new modern personal finance apps requiring, for your benefit, access to your accounts and some requiring social security numbers it is important to note that we consider our recommendations sound. However, do be careful when joining any financial app. Read the contract, and the fine print! – you should be especially careful when handing over your account details and social security number to anyone.

(All apps are free and available for both android and iPhone unless specifically stated).


Wally is a personal finance app that lets you take control of your money. Wally helps you to balance your income and expenses, understand where your money goes, set and achieve your financial goals and set and stick to budgets. Wally doesn’t link to your financial accounts, you have to add your income and expenses yourself. Wally is free and really caters for those either new to saving or new to personal finance saving apps. It simply and effectively tracks money coming in and going out so you can control your everyday spending. Wally is seamless and intuitive. When your location services are on Wally will automatically save the location where you shop and spend.

View the site here.

HomeBudget with Sync

HomeBudget with Sync helps you manage your finances efficiently and conveniently. It is a third generation expense tracker that helps you monitor your income and bills and view your account balance. You can analyse your data in graphs and charts. HomeBudget with Sync links to all of your accounts and it is best to track balances by associating each income and expense to the specific accounts.

With its family sync feature HomeBudget easily shares information with other devices in the house helping families work within a single budget. The family that saves together stays together!

Level Money

Level money is a free app that labels itself as a ‘mobile money meter’ – it calculates how much you should save and subtracts it from you monthly budget, sets automatic saving and moves unspent budget over to savings. Level money is another system to track spending for those in uncomplicated financial situations. It has the option to connect to your financial accounts. Level money uses your income, expenses and savings goal to calculate your day-to-day ‘spending’ amount which is treated as an allowance. If you have no idea of your daily spending allowance it works well to keep your immediate finances on track and help you squirrel money away.


Mint is one of the most widely used personal financial apps. Mint connects directly to your accounts giving you a complete look at all of your finances, from bank accounts and credit cards; to loans, mortgage and pensions. It automatically categorises your transactions, customises your savings, notifies you about due bills and alerts you when you go over budget. You can analyse your spending on simple, intuitive charts and graphs. Mint updates your accounts in real time so you feel comfortable on the go tracking them. Mint is free app complimented by the web-based which allows you to move money between accounts and create detailed spending forecasts.      


Venmo is a free peer-to-peer payment app allowing you to quickly and easily send and receive money from friends. Venmo connects directly to your accounts and executes its sole basic function exceptionally well. It is easy and efficient to use and clear and concise in execution. Venmo’s sole basic function is incredibly useful. Transferring money between friends through a debit or credit card is free, there are no transaction fees; Venmo charges 3% processing fee for credit card payments. Venmo relies heavily on social networks which boosts its usability but you might want to manage your account activity privately so all your friends don’t know about your money movement.


Learnvest is a financial advice app that connects directly to your accounts currently only available on the iPhone and on the web. Learnvest monitors your money and manages personal finances very well, but so do other apps. Where Learnvest really stands out is in its roots as an education website. Learnvest offers you a financial education and provides you with personalised reading material to improve your financial literacy. At a cost Learnvest will also put you in touch with a real-life financial advisor.


Qapital is a saving app that connects to your accounts and requires your social security number. Qapital’s gamification is obviously aimed at younger users, but everybody can benefit by Qapital successfully making saving fun. You set your own rules which trigger money to be moved into a Qapital saving account – from there you can withdraw from a set goal at any time and move the money back to your bank account, all without fees. The most popular Qapital rule is the roundup rule where purchases made with your Qapital connected bank account are rounded up and the small change is moved automatically into your Qapital saving account. With the guilty pleasure rule you can set a punishment amount to be moved to savings every time you splurge at an identified retailer/premises or on certain items. Qapital’s rules and goals provide a fun app that introduces a healthy understanding to saving and money management.   


PayPal is a payment app that connects with your bank accounts. The PayPal app is extremely useful to people who use PayPal frequently and need to have access to their account on the go. You can manage your account, send payments, request funds, view your transaction history and even shop. Paypal has a simple and clear interface, and moving money between friends and family is free. The in-store shopping function is limited to the amount of retailers that actually accept PayPal, which is few but growing – a problem common to all peer-to-peer payment apps that will improve in time.

Budget Boss

Budget boss is a budgeting app that costs 99 cents and is currently only available for the iPhone. It is simple, smart and easy to use. Budget boss will help you create a budget, evaluate its effectiveness and make informed decisions about your financial future. Budget Boss has a beautiful, efficient user interface that makes data entry enjoyable which is important while you manually input all of your financial activity. Like other simple budget apps you can use graphs and charts to analyse your spending. Budget Boss is not intensive and works well if you want some slight background money management. It might take a few months for your spending habits to emerge before you feel the real benefits of Budget Boss and from there you will budget more intelligently.

Stash Invest

Stash invest is an investing app only available on iPhone which requires your social security number and connects directly to your accounts. Stash Invest costs one dollar per month after an initial free download and free 3 month period. Subscription is taken from your bank account. 

Stash Invest helps you to get started in the world of investment. You can buy, sell, and monitor investment funds with a minimum investment of only $5. Stash Invest has great tools for investment opportunities and exploring new funds. You can put your money into the holdings of some of the top hedge funds. You can discover lists of funds based on your search criteria connected to causes or areas that interest you. You can see details of funds and their growth over time and bookmark funds that catch your eye. Stash Invest is a simple, effective introduction to investment funds that moves your money quickly and directly.

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